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The Yankee Road Volume 2 will be released late fall 2017. We’ll be featuring some previews on the Blog, so be sure to follow along. Volume 2 features the rise of the petroleum industry and the battle between JD Rockefeller and Ida Tarbell over the nature of building a national near-monopoly in that industry. One of Rockefeller’s closest associates left the company and Henry Flagler devoted his time to pushing the development of the tourist industry in Florida. Every fan of western movies knows of the ‘Butterfield stage’, but the reality is a bit different. John Butterfield never put his name on a stagecoach. Then there is the story of express services, with William F. Harnden pioneering express services carrying packages between cities (shades of FedEx and UPS) only to be succeeded by Henry Wells, William Fargo and John Butterfield when they created American Express and Wells Fargo. These are both financial institutions now, but began by carrying packages. You can read about Mary Gove and Ellen White while you have your breakfast corn flakes, compliments of John and Will Kellogg. Then, hop into your Buick, Ford or Jeep, compliments of Billy Durant, Henry Ford and John Willys and off you go to a State or an A&M College, compliments of Justin Morrill. Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse powered and lit your cellphone and Octave Chanute and his friends, Wilbur and Orville Wright, helped you fly off to that Florida vacation. Then, there are JP Morgan and Judge Elbert Gary, who revolutionized corporate finance and especially, the steel industry. Truly a dominant cast of characters. Even if a couple are not Yankees, they’re worthy of a mention here. 

The cover of The Yankee Road Volume 2: Domination will feature new artwork by Marvel Comics artist Steve McNiven. McNiven’s original take on iconic Uncle Sam, seen hitchhiking along a New England section of Highway 20, appears on the cover of volume 1, and we are really looking forward to where we find Uncle Sam next! Stay tuned for more on the upcoming publication of Volume 2. In the meantime, grab your copy of The Yankee Road: Tracing the Journey of the New England Tribe that Created Modern America, Volume 1 in paperback or electronic version by visiting the Buy Now section of this website! Don’t forget, you can also find us at The Yankee Road on  Facebook and Twitter.

To read the full review of The Yankee Road by Wheatmark president Sam Henrie, visit http://www.wheatmark.com/books-writers-readers/.

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